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Vitrolife consumables



When precision, choice and control are essential.

Wide range
We provide a wide range of pipettes with different characteristics, all are adapted to tackle different challenges in your work.

Choices to match your needs
The ICSI pipettes are available with variety design features including bend angles from 0º to 35º, with and without spike. 

Strict QC-control
An experienced technician inspects every pipette to guarantee their mechanical integrity before release. This means that all pipettes meet the specified tolerances and that they are free from glass fragments and other residues. All pipettes are MEA- and LAL-tested.

Individual packaging
Each pipette remains sterile until package is unsealed - guaranteed sterility.

Application field:

Purpose:For aspiration and intracytoplasmic injection of a single sperm into the oocyte.
Description:Pipette with a sharp tip with and without spiked tip.
Application:For use with a micromanipulator.
Storage:Store in room temperature.

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